SEG Pop up Fabric Displays

Embrace SEG Pop-Up Fabric Displays

Looking for a sleek, modern, and portable display solution for your next trade show or promotional event? Embrace SEG pop-up fabric displays are the perfect answer. These displays combine the latest in graphic technology with ease of use, ensuring your booth stands out from the crowd.

SEG pop up fabric displays

What is SEG Technology?

SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphic. This technology features a silicone “bead” on the fabric graphic that easily pushes into the channel frame around the display’s perimeter. This allows for quick and tool-free graphic changes, giving you a taut and seamless appearance every time.

Key Features

Push-Fit Design: The push-fit design is incredibly user-friendly, requiring no special tools. Simply push the graphic into place for crisp, clean edges without stitching, velcro, or edge bunching.

Easy Assembly: The collapsible pop-up frame and fabric graphics make setup and takedown a breeze. Save time and energy while ensuring your display looks professional.

Versatility: Available in various sizes and shapes, SEG pop-up fabric displays can be tailored to your specific needs. Easily replace graphics for different promotions or events. End caps and double-sided printing options further enhance the impact of your display.

Modern Look: The sleek design helps businesses stand out at trade shows. The innovative tension fabric installation method reduces wrinkles and visible stitching, keeping the focus on your message.

Additional Benefits

Stabilizer Feet: Full-height displays come with stabilizer feet for increased security, ensuring your display remains steady during events.

Transport Options: Choose from wheely bags or hard shipping cases for easy transport, making it simple to take your display on the go.

Optional LED Lights: Enhance your display with optional LED lights that attach to the top hubs of the pop-up frame, making your graphics even more eye-catching.

SEG pop up fabric displays backlit


Embrace SEG pop-up fabric displays offer a unique combination of portability, functionality, and modern design. Perfect for corporate meetings, trade shows, or any promotional event, these displays help you stand out and communicate effectively with potential clients. Contact one of our Image Consultants or send us an email today to learn more about how Embrace SEG pop-up fabric displays can elevate your brand presence.