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China Factory Direct Wholesale Custom Made Trade Show Hanging Signs, Cubic Haning Sign, Tapered Haning Sign, Square Haning Sign, Round Haning Sign, Fast Delivery Low Cost.

What is a Custom Trade Show Hanging Sign?

Custom Trade Show Hanging signs can be a great way to make your event stand out. The signs are hung above the floor space of your booth, and allow you to display graphics and text. Trade show hanging signage elevates your message above the competition, allowing you to attract more visitors to your stand.

What is a Backlit Hanging Sign?

Backlit hanging signs are similar with custom trade show hanging sign, the difference is backlit hanging sign has curtain LED lights built inside, it can lightup the whole hanging sign, it makes the hanging sign can be seen far far away, catch more attention than any other displays.

Trade Show Booths: Hanging Signs

We have been the leaders in this industry since 2008. This has allowed us to offer you the most extensive selection of hanging trade show displays.

Our wide range of shapes and sizes will meet all your needs for trade shows, such as curved hanging signage, circular hanging signage, squared hanging sign, and much more. Our hanging signage displays can be assembled without tools and are lightweight. The graphics are printed with an unmatched dye-sublimation method to create vibrant and attention-grabbing images.

Double-sided Hanging signs

Upgrade to double-sided signs to get the most impact from your hanging sign. These hanging signs have graphics printed on both sides. This allows you to double your message and impact. These hanging signs are perfect for giving your booth an elegant appearance and promoting the message of your brand from all angles.

How to Design Your Hanging Sign

Keep your hanging signs simple to ensure a polished and effective booth. Hanging signs are meant to direct people towards your booth, not to sell them products. Keep the graphics simple and easy to understand. Consider including the name of your company, a tagline or relevant images. Use colors that represent your brand.

You can also create a slopped effect by using two different-sized signs.

Why choose Fabric King Displays for your hanging sign?

Fabric King Displays makes it easy to stand out at a busy trade show. Our team will work with you to create a hanging sign that is high quality and attracts attendees.

Do you want to shine brightly with your brand? Browse our trade show displays collection today. Contact us if you have any questions about event displays.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 78 × 32 × 32 cm

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