Pop up Display vs Tension Fabric Display, Which is better for your Event?

You have many options when you participate in a tradeshow. It can be difficult to decide which display is best for you. Pop-up displays and tension fabric wall are the two most common types of exhibits today. These two options are both able to provide a customized wall behind your booth and serve the same purpose. These two portable displays have some differences. You should know the differences between these two types of portable displays so that you can choose the right one for you.
In this post, I will compare both of them and tell you their difference.

What are pop up display?

Pop up displays were the first portable back wall displays to be introduced in the marketplace. The curved ten-foot model is one of the most common types of pop-up displays, but there are also straight models and other sizes.
The frame of pop up displays is an accordion style that expands and locks in place. The panels are then attached to the frame with clips or magnets. Panels are either made from fabric or laminated graphics, and are attached in order to display your new product or logo. Pop-up displays can also be transported in a hardcase that doubles as a podium for your trade show booth.
pop up displays Pop up Display vs Tension Fabric Display

What are Tension Fabric Wall Displays?

tension fabric displays Pop up Display vs Tension Fabric Display

The aluminum frames of tension fabric wall displays are also available, but the snap-together feature makes them even more convenient to assemble. It takes only minutes to set up the frame and then stretch a fabric graphic across it. This is similar to stretching a pillowcase. The fabric can be zipped closed to ensure it is taut, stretched and stays in place.
Tension fabric wall display also has many benefits. The tension fabric wall displays are lighter than pop-up displays and can be easily transported on planes or ships. The graphic is printed in one piece unlike pop-up displays. This means that you don’t have to worry about aligning anything perfectly. The tension fabric display’s biggest drawback is that it can wrinkle easily and can become creased. This can have a negative impact on the graphic.

Which is Better?

When you decide which display you like to order, here are 4 points you should consided before making the decision.
  1. Weght
  2. Package size
  3. Cost
  4. Cost of replacement graphic
In order to let you make a informed decision, I create a comparison form for you.
Displays/item Weight Package Size Cost Cost of reskin graphic
Pop up Displays Heavy Big Higher Higher
Tension Fabric Displays Light Smaller Lower Lower
No one can say for sure whether a tension fabric wall displays or pop-up display is best for your business. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice is mostly a personal one. Pop-up displays are heavier and bulkier. To accurately communicate your message, you must also ensure that the panels are perfectly aligned. Pop up displays are larger and can have a greater impact.
Tension fabrics are lightweight, and since the graphic is a single piece, you don’t have to align panels. Tension fabrics may become wrinkled over time. How you plan to use your display and the look you want will determine the right display for you.
Both tension fabric and pop-up displays are popular options for trade shows. They offer customized walls behind your exhibit. Pop-up displays with their accordion style frames and panels are heavier, and require careful alignment of the panels. However, they offer impactful designs. Tension fabric displays, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to transport. They also feature graphics that are printed in a single piece. However, they can wrinkle with time. The choice ultimately depends on the needs and preferences of each individual.