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You will notice there is a big price difference between China and Australia on almost everything, the difference is huge when it comes to a custom-made product like large format printing. Our 8 feet Tension Fabric Media wall is only $399 while the same thing sells by Australia Vendor is $799 to $1299 each.

So if you are a graphic designer, online marketer, event planner or display vendor, it is good chance to resell our Tension Fabric Media Wall. Don’t know what is Tension Fabric Media Wall? Check this video on youtube.

If you live overseas long enough, you understand most products are made in China, no exception for large format printing industrial. Over 50% of Tension Fabric Media Wall is made in Jiangsu or Guangdong. What’s more, we had succeeded to work with some vendors in Australia for 10 years, they are located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

Here are the 3 most concerns when people talk to us.

Timeframe, all the orders are shipped next day when artwork approved, plus 3 to 5 days DHL shipping to Australia, 90% of orders are fulfilled within 6 days, they are acceptable for most jobs.

Color match, Fabric King equipped with the latest Fabric Printer Keundo, color output is correct and vivid. We can match a Pantone color close to 95% if you supply PMS.

Payment, in the first year, all orders are paid upfront for shipping. 1 year later, we have very attractive credit plan to support your business.

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