DIY Backdrop Stand

Creating your own backdrop stand is easy and affordable. Follow this simple guide to make a sturdy stand for under $30 in just 10 minutes.

Materials and Preparation

Start by gathering the necessary materials:

  • Three 10-foot PVC pipes
  • PVC pipe cutter or have them cut at the store
  • Four tee connectors
  • Four elbow connectors

Materials including PVC pipes connectors and cutter1

First, head to your local hardware store. Gabrielle chose Lowe’s, where the employees cut the pipes to size for her. This step ensures you have the correct lengths for assembly.

Base Assembly

Constructing the base is straightforward:

  1. Take one of the three-foot PVC pipes and insert it into a tee connector.
  2. Repeat with another three-foot pipe and tee connector.

Diagram showing the three foot pipes inserted into tee connectors1

Next, attach one-foot pipes to both sides of each tee, forming two T-shaped bases.

T shaped bases made with three foot and one foot pipes1

Stand Construction

Now, build the sides of the stand:

  1. Connect an elbow connector to each end of the three-foot pipes on the base, ensuring the elbows face down.

Side view of base with elbows facing down1

  1. Assemble the second side in the same manner. Ensure both sides can stand independently.

Both sides of the stand assembled and standing1

Connecting the Frame

To complete the frame:

  1. Attach the top part of the frame by inserting five-foot pipes into the tees on each side.
  2. Connect the sides with a horizontal five-foot pipe using the elbow connectors at the top.

Complete frame with horizontal five foot pipe at the top1

Ensure all connections are tight and the stand is stable.

Final Product and Use

Your DIY backdrop stand is now ready! It’s perfect for hanging various backdrops, making it ideal for YouTube videos, photo shoots, or any creative project.

Finished backdrop stand with a backdrop hanging1

Gabrielle was thrilled with her new backdrop stand and shared her excitement about using it for her YouTube videos. This simple, cost-effective solution is a great addition to any home studio.

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