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Become our reseller to make extra money   You will notice there is a big price difference between China and Australia on almost everything, the difference is huge when it comes to a custom-made product like large format printing. Our 8 feet Tension Fabric Media wall is only $399 while the same thing sells by Australia Vendor is $799 to $1299 each.

General Finishing

fabric king make you a beautiful fabric display

8 things you should know before you choose a fabric printing supplier?

what printing machine they are using?   Fabric King equipped with 3.2 meters wide KEUNDO and 2.6 meters Mimaki. Not the best in the world, but cost effective and have vivid output. what ink are they using? Fabric King using Aqueous dye-sublimation ink made in Japan. how long they ran the business in the industry? […]

How to Choose A Portable Fabric Backdrop?

  When it comes to choosing a Portable Fabric Backdrop, we only need to figure out 4 questions?   How much it cost? Is it easy to assemble the frame? Is it easy to attach the graphic print? Light and small package for carrying?   In this post, let’s review 4 most popular Portable Fabric […]


Where can I buy fabric displays when the budget is tight?

If your budget is tight, you can consider buying from us(Fabric King Printing). We are a thousand miles away from you, but we still can help you to achieve your goal.   You must have these concern when you come across this thought. Will I be a scam?  No. We will send you photos when […]

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