Artwork Guide


Artwork should be created at real size(1:1 scale).

If the file size is too big.we also accept reduced size file,but must be in proportional and with high-resolution.(or simply compressing the file size).

For any large file we would be able to accept scaled PDF files.Please let us know what percentage the artwork has your artwork is set up at 10%,all images should be set up at 1000dpi to allow for scaling.


We requires image resolution to be 150dpi at final output size.

In order to check the resolution of the artwork,please simply open up the artwork in actual size and enlarge the artwork to 100%.Making sure everything is sharp and smooth with NO pixelation.

If the original resolution is too low,the interpolated file will remain poor quality, Fabric King does not recommend low resolution as part of a quality workflow.

JPEG,PDF or EPS accepted

Please ensure all fonts are embedded and that are all raster images.This may reduce the risk of font problems and missing layers.

If we do spot a problem,we will first contact the client to see if they can supply new file.We may require client to resend a better artwork to us, such as PDF or EPS format in order to get a better result of quality.


Only accepts files created by any of the following applications: icon here icon here

We do NOT accept any artwork created by CorelDraw,Publisher and QuarkXpress. We do NOT accept any of Microsoft’s applications including WORD,POWERPOINT and EXCEL.

Colour Management

All colour must be converted to CMYK.

If colour is of a particular concern,specify testing to match certain colours and test prints, there must be an extra charge supplied.

However due to the inherent differences between digital and offset printing,and the diversity of products we supply,certain PMS colours and effects such as duotone can sometimes be difficult to emulate.

We do NOT warranty over colour variation of PMS not supplied by client. Please contact [email protected] if require any colour matching or test print service.


To insure accurate sizing,additional bleed must be added to the image area.Please follow standard bleed according to our artwork specification.


For many standard sizes including teardrop,Feather and POS flag Fabric King has templates documents available in PDF format.


Always supply linked files/images,and to keep file size down,make sure they are linked and not embeded.Images must bea  minimum of 200 dpi at actual size.


All logos should be supplied either separately or within the layout as “vector” artwork.Now and again logos are supplied as bitmap images or JPGs,but this usually means they are quite small and if we need to scale your logo up it will become very pixellated and the final quality will look dreadful.

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