8 things you should know before you choose a fabric printing supplier?

  1. what printing machine they are using?   Fabric King equipped with 3.2 meters wide KEUNDO and 2.6 meters Mimaki. Not the best in the world, but cost effective and have vivid output.
  2. what ink are they using? Fabric King using Aqueous dye-sublimation ink made in Japan.
  3. how long they ran the business in the industry?  Fabric King had served in the fabric printing industry for 9 years, 35 skilled workers, 80% have 5 years of industry experience.
  4. how many machines they have? Fabric King owns 26 printing machines, 2000 sq.m output every day.
  5. do they inspect every piece of work after printing? Yes, Fabric King inspects every single work before shipping, avoid client have a print with a flaw.
  6. Same day delivery is available? Fabric King can get the order ready at the same day, because we have enough stock of fabric, ink and 4 super wide printing machine, with 35 skilled workers, orders under 1000 sq.m can be delivered the same day order placed.
  7. Do they offer a discount on multiple order? Fabric King offers up to 50% discount for bulk order, which can save a lot of your money.
  8. When they require payment? Fabric King now offers payment until the order is ready, which make the ordering totally risk free.

fabric king make you a beautiful fabric display

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