10×20 Trade Show Booth

Your brand will be noticed with this 10×20 booth! You can fully customize your booth. It comes with custom graphics, and it fits in a hard plastic case to transport from and to conventions and events. The hard plastic case can also be converted into a fully-functional podium with a graphic printed for additional brand marketing.

10x20 trade show booth header transparent

10×20 Trade show Booth

The impressive 10×20 Tradeshow Booth will help you create an unforgettable presence at events and trade shows. This large trade show exhibit is designed to maximize brand exposure and command attention. It’s perfect for companies looking to leave a lasting impression.

This booth’s centerpiece is a Custom 12.8ft x 8.2ft Top Tension Fabric Display. The grand design and striking visuals make it the ideal backdrop for showcasing your brands graphics and messages. The Custom 62in (Width x Height) Parachute – Shaped Tension Fabric Headers complement the backwall display, adding a unique element to your booth and ensuring that your brand stands apart from the competition.

The Custom 3.3ft x 9.8ft x 1.3ft 3D Vertical Columns will enhance the overall impact of the booth by adding depth and dimension. Custom Archy Monitor Stands with 7-Shapes are a great way to display dynamic content or product demos.

The Hard Case to Custom Printed Graphics can be used as a storage solution and a branded podium. Trade Show Display LED lights & clips will illuminate your booth, highlight important areas and ensure that your display is visually appealing in any lighting conditions.

Discover the versatility and application of the 10×20 trade show booth 16 in a variety of industries. This booth is a great way to engage your audience, whether you’re at a corporate event, a tradeshow for healthcare, or a product showcase.

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