Tension Fabric Wall Displays – 10 Reasons to Invest in

Visual impact is key to professional events. Your event backdrop should be a positive representation of your brand, and it should impress your guests.
Tension fabric wall displays are the best solution to create impressive and professional event backdrops. It is wrinkle-free and seamless, with vibrant, bright colors. They should not reflect sunlight or camera flash and should be the right size for your space.

1. Low Shipping Costs of  Tension Fabric Wall Displays

Shipping heavy materials can be expensive. Depending on how many shows you intend to attend, your tension fabric wall display may have to be shipped to several different states or cities. Because they are lightweight, tension fabric wall displays are easy to store and ship. Shipping costs are reduced because there is less heavy material. Like 20×20 tension fabric display, it only 30lbs/15kgs.
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2. Durable Material of  Tension Fabric

Tension fabric wall displays will last many years. Tension fabric displays are more durable than other options like fabric, vinyl or paper and can be reused repeatedly. The polyester tension fabric is lightweight, but it will not warp or wrinkle.
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3. Easy to Assemble

You know from experience that trade shows are all about time. The more time spent setting up your booth and assembling it, the less you will have to spend interacting with attendees or selling your product. Fabric tension displays, however, are among the easiest to put together. One person can assemble these displays, but with two people on the job it can only take minutes. For example, custom curved tension fabric display only need one person setup in 10 mins.
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4.  Lightweight and Portable of  Tension Fabirc Displays

Tension fabric display is lighter and more portable than board graphics, but it creates a similar smooth appearance. Fabric can be rolled or folded for ease of transportation. Aluminum is often used for the lightweight frames that are used to install tension fabric displays.
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5. Wrinkle Resistant

Some people invest a lot of money into trade show displays, only to discover that when they arrive at an event, they have been creased or folded. Tension fabric displays are more durable because they resist wrinkles. Tension fabrics always have a clean and crisp appearance. This will make the entire area look more professional.
These displays are very durable but they still need to be maintained properly. It is best to store them in a facility that has a temperature control system. The temperature in these storage areas is controlled so that the tension fabric will not be damaged when not being used.

6. Fade Resistant

When washed in cold water and under direct sunlight, tension fabrics like polyester will hold the color. Fading fabric displays can create an unprofessional or sloppy look. Polyester tension fabric resists fading, so colors and graphics will remain sharp. Printing polyester fabrics uses a dye-sublimation method that transfers the ink directly to the fabric using a heat press, rather than printing the colors on the surface. This printing method is more permanent and sharper, and prevents color fading.

7. Non Reflective

Tension fabric displays will not glare in bright sunlight or when used with flashing cameras. Vinyl backdrops can have a shiny surface that can ruin photos by reflecting direct light. The polyester fabric is a matte, professional finish that absorbs light.

8. Simple Setup

Typically, tension fabric displays using an aluminum tubing framework. Tension fabric displays can be printed to precisely fit each frame, allowing for an easy and seamless setup. Tension fabric displays are typically designed in pillowcase shapes, which allows you to slip it over the frame easily and then close it using a zipper or hook-and-loop straps. Aluminum poles are another option for backdrop stands. These stands require pole pockets sewn into the edge of the backdrop to stretch and display it with tension.

9. Machine Washable

After an event, tension fabric displays can be washed in a washing machine. Set your machine on gentle and cold water. Cleaning is easy and saves time.

10. Backlit Illumination

For a unique look, tension fabric wall displays can be backlit and lit from the front. Backlit polyester fabric illumination can produce a stunning glow that will enhance any event. The best option for backlighting is LED lights.
Above is 10 compelling reason why you should invest a tension fabric display for your event. If you want to purchase one tension fabric display, please visit www.fabric-king.com.